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In summer 2016, the Redic family came to the Farmington Family YMCA searching for summer programs for their children, Micha, Simone, and Braeden. Because each child experienced academic struggles, Camp Riley seemed like a good fit. Thanks to grants and community donations, Camp Riley helps kids from falling further behind by combatting learning loss over the summer.

“Math is my favorite part of camp” said Braeden. “I love measuring things in the classroom; like paper with the color cubes.” Also known as Linker Cubes, this tool is used to help kids learn measurements. Micah was caught helping a fellow camper in his classroom with fractions, something he was not very comfortable with at the beginning of the summer. “Ms. Michelle has helped me feel more confident in helping others because I feel more confident in myself” said Miacah. Simone looks forward to Free Choice Monday each week. She gets to spend time with her friends outside of her classroom and she likes to get creative during arts and crafts.

Their mother Lisa, has said she no longer fears for her children’s academic success and she wishes her children could attend Camp Riley year-round. It is evident that she loves Camp Riley just as much as her children.

Through the Y, the Redic family has found a safe haven, a home away from home, and a family to welcome them each and every time they walk through the doors.