Floor hockey at the Y takes the action off of the ice and continues it throughout the year. As skills progress, so does equipment as players start with foam sticks and progress to wood floor hockey sticks in our oldest age groups. Mouth guards are required and goggles are highly suggested.

Preschool Floor Hockey Classes ages 2-5

The first portion of our Preschool Floor hockey program focuses on skills and drills, and then athletes progress to games. Children will learn skills like passing and shooting, while the focus is building a sense of teamwork and playing in a team setting.

Youth Floor Hockey League ages 6 and up

In youth leagues, the progression of rules and equipment are designed specifically to meet the needs of a growing child’s physical, mental and cognitive ability. Inter-Y Floor Hockey teams play against teams from their home branch as well as teams from other Ys in the region. Practices are typically held during the week, with games held on Saturdays.

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