A teen leadership program preparing young people for the 21st Century, the Teen Achievers program is a place where teens in grades 9-12 LIVE, LEARN, WORK, SERVE and PLAY. It provides a variety of activities that helps prepare kids for college and puts kids on a path to success. Ys around the country have been operating Minority Achiever’s programs for over 35 years.

The Teen Achievers program also connects young people to career opportunities, providing a positive vision for the future along with strong educational support. But most importantly, the Achievers Program helps students build relationships with peers and mentors who strive for success in everything they do.

Funding provided by the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation.

Our Teen Achievers program is broken down into a series of sessions featured below, which give kids the opportunity to explore a variety of skills and activities.


Students participate in a series of life skills workshops to improve communication and decision-making skills.


Students explore career options, sharpen resume writing and employability skills, learn how to better manage money, participate in community service projects and paid or unpaid summer employment and internship experiences.


Students participate in an array of physical fitness activities conducted by fitness professionals, and learn about nutrition and healthy choices.


Students participate in leadership councils that focus on cultural experience and civic engagement.


For high school seniors to focus on graduation and create a plan for post secondary education, college or a viable career after graduation.


Students attend college and career tours to Michigan colleges, universities, trade schools, and local businesses.

For more information about Teen Achievers, please contact the Metro Youth YMCA.

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