Achievers Program

A teen leadership program preparing young people for the 21st Century, our Achievers program is a place where teens live, learn, work, serve and play. Achievers is for youth in grades 9-12, and provides career and college prep programming that helps put kids on a path to success. The Achievers program also connects young people to career opportunities, providing a positive vision for the future along with strong educational support. But most importantly, our Achievers program helps students build relationships with peers and mentors who strive for success in everything they do.

Learn more about the Achievers Program or contact the Metro Youth YMCA to get started.

Y Magic and Y Moves

A mentorship and social development program that nurtures young men and women as they navigate those turbulent hormones and confusing adolescent years. There is a special emphasis on developing healthy relationships, including dating, and with friends, family, and adults.

Learn more about Y Magic and Y Moves or contact the Metro Youth YMCA to get started.

Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC)

The Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) is a way for young people to help others, have some fun, and learn something while doing it. Volunteers will learn about their community, job opportunities, and themselves by participating in exciting, challenging, and worthwhile service projects in the Plymouth/Canton area.

Learn more about the Youth Volunteer Corps or contact the Plymouth Family YMCA to get started.

Leaders Club

Leaders Clubs help develop youth as leaders while fostering a culture of service. With adult advisors, teens have role models and mentors who can have a positive impact on their lives as they grow in their desire and ability to be a positive force in the Downriver community.

Contact the Downriver Family YMCA to get started.