Improvisation or “improv” is group theater created without a script or rehearsal. Performers rely instead on listening, teamwork and making bold choices to give life to an idea, a scene or a character. Improvisation training teaches students important life skills, including how to problem solve and persevere, respect for the ideas of others, and how to collaborate and communicate effectively. Improvisation also teaches that making mistakes can and should be a learning experience. This process of adapting, imagining and creating builds students’ confidence in their abilities and boosts self-esteem.

The Improv Project is a 10-week program offered to middle schoolers at no charge during the fall and spring school semesters. The instructors are teaching artists with formal training in improvisation and arts education. The course has been offered in partnership with Y-Arts Detroit in theater classes during the school day and as part of after school programs.

Since 2012 the DCP and Y Arts have taught over 1000 students in Detroit area middle and high schools how to improvise.

About the Detroit Creativity Project

The Detroit Creativity Project (DCP) was founded in 2011 by working artists who believe that arts education provides a critical element of learning for all students, and is not an expendable part of the curriculum. The Detroit Creativity Project created The Improv Project to teach middle and high school students in Detroit the art of improvisation.

In partnership with Y Arts, The Detroit Creativity Project offers free training in improvisational theater to Detroit middle and high school students. Their mission is to empower and inspire young people through improvisation — an art form that helps students build confidence and develop a creative and collaborative approach to their lives.

Learn more about the Detroit Creativity project here.

For more information about how to bring The Improv Project to your school, please contact Y Arts