Art programs at the Y unveil and nurture creative potential, allowing youth to discover and develop skills and passions that will last a lifetime. Art education helps youth understand others through their languages, histories and cultures, teaches empathy, and helps youth learn how to deal critically and logically with subjective, complex information. Encouraging creativity in childhood is a playful and fun way to develop the informed, critical citizens of tomorrow.

Along with our Y branches teaching arts and humanities programs at their locations, our Y Arts outreach branch brings arts programs directly to schools. Working with school administrators, they develop individualized plans for each school that help alleviate communications, budgeting and scheduling challenges. All classes are taught by highly qualified working artist-educators.

Current School Art Programs:

Animation and Cartooning available for grades K-12

Learn the basics of drawing and the process of animating cartoons in this hands-on, fun class! This class provides an introduction to storyboarding, animating stories, and cartooning.

Ceramics available for grades 3-12

Clay is a wonderful, tactile medium that many kids have never experienced before. Its three dimensional nature forces them to think about structure, shapes and forms. Outreach ceramics classes explore a variety of hand building projects that expand students’ artistic abilities as well as developing their hand coordination skills.

Choral Music available for grades K-12

Vocal music programs help young people learn how to up and express themselves through music, how to sing both in a group and individually. They also develop confidence and stage presence, and teach correct posture and breathing for public speaking and singing.

Dance available for grades K-12

Young people learn basics of dance choreography with focus on coordination, team building, balance, and flexibility. Dance styles available for instruction include Ballet, Contemporary, Creative Movement, and Hip-hop.

Photography available for grades 2-12

The study of photography helps students to see the world through new eyes. Dependent on the age group, photography classes can range from getting creative with subject matter to advanced framing and lighting techniques. Photography is a terrific blend of visual arts and digital media that appeals to a wide range of students.

STICK Program available for grades 3-12

The STICK program (Support the Inner City Kids) teaches children how to read music, and play percussion instruments. They will receive personalized instruction and unite as a band and play fun and exciting songs together! Kids will also learn drumming techniques, style, rudiments and cadences, along with discipline, teamwork, and having fun!

Acting and Theatre available for grades K-12

Acting exercises help build confidence, body-awareness, and team work. Performing promotes self-confidence, literacy, and presentation and communication skills.

Improvisation and Theatre available for grades 5-12

Theatrical improvisation is a form of acting without the use of scripts. Improv techniques and games build crucial soft skills for student participants including team work, listening, communication, surrender, and idea building.

Youth Shakespeare Theatre available for grades 5-12

Young people exploring the Bard’s work! This class is a great mixture of acting technique, literacy and history. Students gain a better understanding for classic literature, while experiencing all the benefits of performance training.

Visual Arts available for grades K-12

The value of visual arts education cannot be understated. In the study of visual arts, students develop cognitive skills, fine motor skills, as well as a better understanding of self and the world around them. Students explore a wide variety of art projects with guidance from experienced local artists.

Y Media Works available for grades 6-12

Established in 2008, our media program pairs media professionals with students to learn a wide array of creative and technical skills. Classes available include video basics and digital music production.

To bring Y Arts programs to your school, please contact Y Arts

For more information about youth art at our Y branchess, please find your local YMCA