Preschool and GSRP (Great Start Readiness Program)

The Y gives kids opportunities for children to learn and explore. Kids learn, play and grow with other children under the careful guidance of specially trained staff and build skills and knowledge to successfully begin kindergarten.

Preschool is currently offered at the Boll Family YMCA, the Farmington Family YMCA, and the Lakeshore Family YMCA. GRSP is available at the Boll Family YMCA.

Learn more about GSRP and Preschool.

Homeschool Enrichment Classes

Our Ys offer a variety of homeschool enrichment programs to keep your student active and challenged, including Gym, Swimming, Tennis and more. It’s a great way for kids to make friends and build skills outside home, all in a caring, safe environment.

Learn more about Homeschool Enrichment Classes or find your Y branch to get started.

BLAST Babysitter Training Classes

Taking care of children is an important job with serious responsibilities. BLAST Babysitter Safety Training teaches the correct techniques for the business of babysitting, with a focus on supervision, care-giving skills, and responding to ill or injured children and infants.

Learn more about Babysitter Training Classes or find your Y branch to get started.

Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

What is money, and how do you earn and save it honestly? Our Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship programs teach kids valuable life skills, while they build confidence and make friends.

Learn more about Financial Literacy Classes or find your Y branch to get started.

Literacy and STEM Enrichment

Our Ys provide programs that focus on reading skills and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), building key skills needed for future leaders of tomorrow.

Learn more about Literacy and STEM Enrichment Classes or find your Y branch to get started.

Scouting Programs

The Y supports kids in their Scouting goals. We can help scouts earn Merit Badges, connect with quality mentors and establish opportunities to meet social responsibility requirements.

Learn more about opportunities for Scouts or find your Y branch to get started.