Strength Training classes use resistance tools like weights, stability balls and stretchy bands to strengthen your muscles. Our coaches will maximize your exercise efficiency and ensure correct technique. Some classes work through the whole body while others focus on specific muscle groups.

Total Body Strength

Weight training is for everyone! Learn the basic concepts of strength training with an instructor that will lead the class through a variety of exercises using resistance equipment, body weight, stability balls, free weights and more to keep participants engaged and challenged.

Express Core

Focuses on the core muscles and how they relate to posture, movement and injury prevention. Express classes are designed for quick workouts. At 30 minutes, they are easy to fit into any schedule!

Express Tone

The instructor will lead the class in a variety of exercises using resistance equipment to strengthen and tone your muscles. At 30 minutes, they are easy to fit into any schedule!

Core Strength

This class will strengthen the muscles that provide stability and mobility for the spine, pelvis, rib cage and hips.

Core and More

This class focuses on engaging the core muscles while strengthening other parts of the body through functional movements. Great for injury prevention!


Get a great workout with the hottest fitness craze…kettlebells! Learn safe, effective exercise techniques while getting stronger and leaner with a fantastic, challenging workout! Program is available for all levels of fitness.

Power Pump

For every muscle, there’s the perfect tune. In a Barbell Pump Class, you’ll pump adjustable-weight barbells as you feel the burn through ten different songs – each one dedicated to conditioning a major muscle group. New to weights? This is the perfect crash course to pump you up.


is High Intensity athletic and sports based musically driven cardio class infused with resistance training to provide the ultimate challenge. Designed to burn the maximum calories and consistently “shock” the body to eliminate plateaus.