Our cardio and aerobic dance classes are designed to get your heart rate up to exercise levels while having fun. We provide a variety of upbeat classes to help you raise your energy level and achieve your fitness goals.

Low Impact Aerobics

Increase your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and cardio endurance without foot pounding impact. A great class for beginners, seniors, or those who need to ease their way into fitness.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics uses choreographed movements in patterns around a box called a step. Advance classes combine cardio strength and muscular endurance in a more complicated routine to challenge and energize you!

Turbo® Kick

High Intensity cardio class inspired by kickboxing and dance aerobics. It includes boxing, kwon do, dance and tai-chi while maintaining a party like atmosphere. It is split up into sections of punch, kicks, and recovery. It includes a high energy “Turbo” section that will get the heart rate climbing.