Adventure Guides

Adventure Guides programs launch parents and their children on a journey of discovery, with the child as the explorer and the parent as the guide. Adventure Guides encourages parents to get to know your kid while your kid is still a kid with group activities such as games, crafts, songs, stories, skits, ceremonies, and outdoor pursuits such as camping, hiking and swimming. The one-on-one time in a fun, special environment builds important bonds through shared experiences.

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Family Fitness

The Y has always been a place where families can play and be active together, and that’s more important than ever. Whether the activities are physical like sports or exercise classes, or more recreational like swimming, camping, cooking and arts, Ys want families doing them together because you’ll live healthier and make memories for a lifetime.

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Family Events

Allow families a time and a place to come together to have a good time; participate in a variety of fun activities; share, communicate and strengthen their relationships; and meet other families. Activities include mixers, pool games, arts and crafts, family fitness, games, volunteer opportunities and family discussions over refreshments.

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Family Camp

It can be challenging to find quality time to spend as a family. Schedules and screens are too often distractions that keep us from creating memories with those we love. Family Camp takes you away from your normal routine. It’s an escape from life’s many interruptions to relax and play together as a family, strengthen relationships and create unforgettable memories that you’ll share for a lifetime.

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