Running and Triathlon Clubs

The best experiences and friendships are most often spontaneous, which is exactly how our running and triathlon clubs came together. Early rising, time-starved working men and women who love to stay in shape and have fun joined together courtesy of the Y.

Running Events and Triathlons

Our Ys offer a variety of running events and triathlon challenges, both indoors and outdoors. We also partner with local organizations to help organize and sponsor events outside of the Y.

  • Plymouth Family YMCA Father’s Day Run  The Plymouth Father’s Day Run is a great event for both the entire family and the elite runner. We bring the community together for a day of family fun and fitness, offering a great experience for runners of all ages and skill levels.
  • Wyandotte River Run  An annual fundraising event for the Downriver Family YMCA’s Annual Campaign, the Wyandotte River Run is a fun run for all ages. The Wyandotte River Run is a part of the Downriver Dual.
  • Indoor and Lazyman-style triathlons are held at multiple YMCAs. Find your local Y to get started.

Rock Climbing

Besides increasing strength throughout your body, rock climbing helps you develop balance and coordination. With the sport of climbing, you’ll improve your endurance and feel an excitement that comes with this unique kind of challenge.

We have indoor climbing walls at both the Boll Family YMCA and the Downriver Family YMCA.

Adaptive Social Club

For individuals with special needs, participation in sports and recreational activities means even more as it also increases their sense of self-worth, builds lasting friendships and offers an oasis from everyday struggles.

Learn more about our Adaptive Social Club offered at the Birmingham Family YMCA.