The pool is great for exercise because the water offers resistance while reducing the impact of land-based exercises. Water fitness classes are a fun way to exercise, and the low-impact workout builds strength and flexibility for people of all ages.

Adult Arthritis Exercise

This class focuses on building strength, balance, and flexibility for those with arthritis. The class uses unique equipment and exercises to help participants get a work out while not causing additional pain. All exercises are low impact. A doctor’s note is required to attend this class.

  • $14 for Members  |  $21 for Community Participants

Shallow Water Fitness

Complete water fitness class using a variety of exercises and equipment. Activities may include dance, calisthenics, walking, and kicking. Intensity and impact can be varied on an individual basis. Each class consists of warm-up, aerobic, cool-down, muscle toning and flexibility segments.

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Deep Water Fitness

A deep water workout for all fitness levels. Enjoy a workout while suspended in the deep end of the pool with equipment to keep you afloat. The balanced workout includes warm-up, aerobic, cool-down, strength and toning, and flexibility. Intensity is easily adjusted for all levels of fitness.

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Aquatic Core Strengthening

This water exercise class strengthens and tones all muscle groups concentrating on the core muscles, with special attention to the abdomen and back. May be conducted in deep and/or shallow water.

  • $21 for Members  |  $36 for Community Participants