Lap swim offers swimmers a great cardiovascular workout. Whatever pace you work at, come enjoy our relaxing waters and get healthier at the same time. Check our pool schedule for lap swim times and lane availability. We offer kickboards, fins, and pull buoys to add to your workout. We encourage lane sharing and circle swimming.

Things to Note When Lap Swimming

We encourage circle swimming if more than one person is using a lane. This will create a nice flow, and swimmmers can more easily maintain space for clean strokes.

We do provide equipment for the pool to make lap swimming more enjoyable and to help vary the challenge involved. For example, kickboards and pull buoys are available. A kickboard allows you to swim using only your legs, building leg strength and focusing stroke attention on your kick. The pull buoys immobilize your legs during the stroke, so laps with pull buoys emphasize arm strokes. Ask a lifeguard if you are not sure where they are located.