The Y is a national leader in swim instruction and water safety. YMCA aquatics programs are designed to teach personal water safety and swimming skills to everyone. Our instructors are nationally certified in aquatic safety and swim instruction. Classes arrange swimmers broadly into age groups and then by skill level as kids progress through the instruction program. Our progressive-swim instruction method uses a problem-solving, guided-discovery teaching approach in a positive, caring environment.

Parent/Child Swim Lessons parents & children ages 6 months to 3 years

The primary objective is to get both the parent and child comfortable in the water. Appropriate for children ages 6 months up to 3 years old, they are guided through the class by a parent as they learn to experience the water on their bodies, exploring movement in the water. The parent will learn how to be safe with children in and around the water.

Classes are designed to allow the child to have fun in the water while the parent guides him or her to learn aquatic skills. The child will be exposed to songs and games that use basic movements in the water such as kicking, arm strokes, and breath control. (Diapers manufactured for swimming pool use are required.)

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Preschool Swim Lessons kids ages 3-5

The YMCA’s progressive swim program begins with preschool age children (ages 3-5), helping them learn to swim through developmentally appropriate activities in a safe, supportive environment.

YMCA swim instructors are trained to teach children the fundamentals of swimming so that they will enjoy learning and take pride in developing their skills. Swimmers also learn about pool safety, boating safety and the use of personal flotation devices.

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Youth Swim Lessons kids ages 6-12

For ages 6-12, the youth program is student-centered with developmentally appropriate activities that ensure the student’s safety, enhance the student’s enjoyment of the learning process, and provide consistent, progressive success for the swimmer.

Each level includes 5 components: personal safety, character development, stroke development, water games and sports, and rescue. Instructors introduce age-appropriate techniques and help swimmers refine their strokes to develop into stronger swimmers.

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Youth Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are offered for those that need a flexible schedule, or have specific goals in which they would like to achieve. Lessons are 30 minutes in length and offered in a comfortable one-on-one setting.

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Teen Swim Lessons kids ages 13-17

This class is designed for teens ages 13-17 that have just begun to swim or teens that are interested in perfecting their strokes. This program incorporates aspects of both the Youth and the Adult YMCA Swim objectives and will allow teens to become well-rounded, experienced swimmers.

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Adaptive Swim Lessons kids with special needs ages 3 and up

Our certified YMCA swimming instructors provide exceptional guidance and can provide instruction for a variety of special needs. Previous experience in swimming is not required. Participants are enrolled in either a private or small group depending on their specific needs and abilities. Dates are by appointment only.

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