We all need the advice of an expert sometimes, as well as the personal attention that comes with a trainer or coach. Our Ys offer personal training and coaching to help you set and meet your specific goals in order to live healthier. Our trainers are nationally certified, with a range of backgrounds and expertise. They strive to provide motivation, guidance and hands-on assistance to help you reach your goals.

One-on-One Personal Training

In One-on-One Personal Training, trainers design individualized programs tailored to your needs, lifestyle and goals. Programs can emphasize cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, weight management and more and are designed to fit within your schedule. Training is by appointment only, and the Y has a variety of training packages to fit every budget.

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Small Group Personal Training

Small group training offers the flexibility and challenge of training with the camaraderie of a small group, typically ranging from 3 to 8 participants. Several specialized disciplines are available, or a trainer can design a program specific to the goals, interests and schedules of you and your partners. Small Group Training is a great value, and a great way to connect with new and old friends alike.

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CrossFit Training

CrossFit combines weightlifting, basic gymnastics and high-intensity interval training into short, constantly varied workouts that transform you. During any given session, CrossFit athletes can run, jump, row, swim, climb rope, deadlift and squat, as well as perform Olympic lifts, pull-ups and sit-ups. The constantly varied, high-intensity format training is highly motivating and fun. Though capable of challenging the fittest of the fit, CrossFit is completely scalable so that anyone, regardless of ability or physical limitation, can jump right in.

We offer both One-on-One Crossfit Training and Small Group Crossfit Training at the North Oakland Family YMCA.