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Creating Lifelong Memories

Prepare your child to unplug and experience the magic of overnight camp. Our nurturing, genuine, and enthusiastic staff hail from all over the world. At camp there are towers to climb, slides to ride, roaring campfires to gather around, and memories to be made. Overnight campers gain independence, build friend-making skills, challenge their limits, explore the natural world, and create lifelong habits of healthy living. Overnight camp is an American rite of passage that we’ve been passing on since 1918.

Each overnight camper chooses two skill areas that he or she will learn and attends those clinics every day, providing an opportunity for substantial skill progression. Campers also choose daily cabin challenge activities with their bunk mates, enjoy laid back siestas, take part in all camp evening programs like campfires and capture the flag, as well as ride the slide or take on the lake during swim time.

Overnight Camp Sessions

Overnight Camp A6/24/18–6/30/18Pirates of Fish Lakeregister
Overnight Camp B7/1/18–7/7/18Jurassic Campregister
Overnight Camp C7/8/18–7/14/18World of Wizardryregister
Overnight Camp D7/15/18–7/21/18Knights of Ohiyesaregister
Overnight Camp E8/5/18–8/11/18Poké Camp: Catch them allregister
Overnight Camp F8/19/18–8/25/18Winter Wonderlandregister
Overnight Camp G8/26/18–8/31/18Uncover the Mysteryregister

Overnight Camp Rates

Day Camp Fees Fee by 12/31 Fee by 2/28 Fee after 3/1
Traditional Overnight Camp $529 $549 $579
Mini Camp $369 $383 $391
Overnight Camp LIT/CIT $952 $979 $999
Ponderosa Camp +$90 +$90 +$90
Specialty Camps +$45 +$45 +$45

Ohiyesa Overnight Camp Sample Schedule

7:45 Flag Raising
8:00 Breakfast
8:40 Morning Inspiration
9:00 Clinic Period 1
10:15 Clinic Period 2
11:30 Quest
12:15 Round-up
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Siesta
2:30 Cabin Challenge Period 4
3:45 Waterfront Time – Swimming, Waterslide and Beach Fun
5:15 Flag Lowering
5:30 Dinner
6:15 Court Time – Trading Post
7:00 Evening Activities and Campfire
9:00 Back to Cabins/Get Ready for Bed
10:00-10:30 Lights Out

Sample Specialty Activities:

archery, climbing, fishing, outdoor cooking, arts & crafts, sports & games, horseback riding*
*May require pre-registration and additional fee. See specialty camps above.

Sample cabin challenge activities:

Voyager canoeing, teams course, kayaking, zipline, archery, horseback riding, arts & crafts, swimming, tent campout, climbing wall, nature hike, waterslide

Specialty Overnight Camp Programs

Master Chef:

Put on your chef hats and develop your culinary skills as we make and enjoy different dishes each day. Learn the basics of food and kitchen safety and end the week with a Top Chef Challenge – work with your team to create a tasty dish only using the set of ingredients presented to you.

Available during Overnight Camp Sessions B and E.


Explore the world of robotics! An introduction to the mechanical world, work with other campers to build a Lego robot creation that you’ll even program to move. Your counselor will guide you through the robotics software to make your robot recognize colors, pick up small items and drive.

Available during Overnight Camp Session G.

World of Wizardy

Fly into an enchanting world of magic by playing games, creating potions, and making your own wand. All of your wizarding skills will be put to the test throughout the week.

Available during Overnight Camp Session C.

Ultimate Survivor:

Start the week learning and practicing the basics of survival skills, such as shelter building, fire building, orienteering, finding food and more. Then, use your knowledge to work as a team to complete survival challenges and make your way back to civilization.

Available during Overnight Camp Sessions A and D.

Mad Scientist:

Hands-on experiments throughout the week will put camper’s curious minds to the test. How many eggs will support the weight of a person? How do I make a world record paper airplane? Nothing is out of the question during Mad Scientist week.

Available during Overnight Camp Session C.


Ponderosa Ranch Camp at Camp Ohiyesa is an overnight camp program designed for horse-lovers. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy horses, Ponderosa Ranch Camp teaches fundamental horse riding, maintenance and care.

Available during every Overnight Camp Session.

Leaders In Training (LIT)

LIT, or Leaders-In-Training, is a three week program designed for 14 and 15 year-old campers that are ready to take on more responsibility. Throughout the three weeks, LIT’s learn about their own self and others, work on team-building, learn about how to work with younger campers, travel with and act as role models to younger campers, debrief experiences with the LIT Director, and design and execute their own service project.

Overnight Leaders in Training AB6/24/18–7/7/18register

Counselors In Training (CIT)

A two week program designed to prepare 16 year old campers to be future staff members. CIT’s (Counselors-In-Training) learn and facilitate activities, train with a mentor counselor, and assist with bringing memorable evening programs to life. Throughout their experience, they’ll work on and develop conflict resolution, communication, and leadership skills that they’ll take back to the non-camp world.

Overnight Counselor in Training CD7/8/18–7/21/18register

Mini Overnight Camp Sessions

Mini-camp is a Sunday-Wednesday program designed for campers ages 7-9 as an introduction to overnight camp.

Mini Camp A6/24/18–6/27/18register
Mini Camp G8/26/18–8/29/18register