Day Camp is a great introduction to the benefits and activities of a Camp Ohiyesa experience in an action-packed day. For boys and girls grades K-8 there is no better way to spend a week participating in safe, fun, quality programs in a convenient location. Our caring, responsible staff is trained in a variety of areas including child development, activity leadership, behavior management, sports, and swim instruction. In addition to the exciting activities and new friendships, breakfast and lunch are included daily. In the mornings campers travel with their counselors and age group to a variety of activities that change each day. Each group’s schedule is designed for their age. In the afternoon, we offer specialty options when campers can choose which activity they’d like to try. All of our activities are ‘Challenge by Choice;’ we create an environment to encourage campers to push themselves to try each activity, but we never make anyone try something they don’t want to.

Day campers at Camp Ohiyesa become part of one of the camp’s four Legends: Jolee, Casper, Alastair, or Royale. Each Legend is named after a camper of the past. The youngest campers (entering grades K-2nd) become Jolee campers, then move on to Casper (3rd, 4th), then Alastair (5th, 6th), and finally become Royale Legend campers (7th, 8th). The different Legends will share some offerings but also experience things unique to the age group. For example, both Jolee campers and Royale campers will get a chance to zip line, but Jolee campers might play parachute games or party in the bounce house while Royale campers might take on team climbing tasks at the Alpine Tower.

Day Camp Sessions

Day Camp 016/18/18–6/22/18Around the World in 5 Daysregister
Day Camp 026/25/18–6/29/18Pirates of Fish Lakeregister
Day Camp 037/2/18–7/6/18Jurassic Campregister
Day Camp 047/9/18–7/13/18World of Wizardryregister
Day Camp 057/16/18–7/20/18Knights of Ohiyesaregister
Day Camp 067/23/18–7/27/18Color Warsregister
Day Camp 077/30/18–8/3/18Superheroesregister
Day Camp 088/6/18–8/10/18Poké: Catch them Allregister
Day Camp 098/13/18–8/17/18El Dorado: The Lost Cityregister
Day Camp 108/20/18–8/24/18Winter Wonderlandregister
Day Camp 118/27/18–8/31/18Uncover the Mysteryregister

Day Camp Rates

Day Camp Fees Fee by 12/31 Fee by 2/28 Fee after 3/1
Traditional Day Camp $214 $233 $244
Day Camp LIT (3 weeks) $399 $429 $449
Jr Saddle Club Camp +$75 +$75 +$75
Saddle Club +$75 +$75 +$75
Specialty Camps +$45 +$45 +$45
AM Care 7:30-8:30 am +$16 +$16 +$16
PM Care 4:30-5:30 pm Free Free Free

Day Camp Bus Options

Location Sessions Available Fee Pickup Times
N = Novi Kroger 1-11 $60 7:30 am / 5:30 pm
C = Brighton Costco 1-11 $40 7:45 am / 5:15 pm
H = Hartland Meijer 1-11 $40 8:15 am / 4:30 pm
B = Birmingham YMCA 1-11 $60 7:45 am / 5:30 pm
W = White Lake Kroger 1-11 $40 8:45 am / 4:30 pm
M = Milford 1-11 $40 8:00 am / 5:30 pm

Camp Ohiyesa Day Camp Schedule

Though there are variations, a typical day camp schedule looks like this:

7:30 a.m. Early morning care
8:30 a.m. Check-in & buses arrive
9:00 a.m. Opening Ceremony
9:30 a.m. Activity Period #1
10:30 a.m. Activity Period #2
11:30 a.m. Activity Period #3
12:20 p.m. Round Up
12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:15 p.m. Activity Period #4
2:45 p.m. Swimming, Waterslide and Beach Fun
4:00 p.m. Snack and Closing Ceremony. Buses depart
4:30-5:30 p.m. Check-out & Afternoon care

Activity Periods:

Campers travel with their counselor and trail group to a variety of activities that change each day. Each trail group’s schedule is designed for their age-group. Activities may include archery, canoeing, arts and crafts, giant swing, climbing tower, zip line, bounce village, team challenge course, and more!

Waterfront Time:

An opportunity to swim is offered daily, weather permitting. Campers of all swim levels can enjoy the waterslide because everyone wears a life jacket. Counselors have alternative activities available on the beach or elsewhere in camp for campers who do not wish to swim.

Activities at Day Camp

Please note that some activities are only available to older campers.

the waterfront


The YMCA has a long tradition of aquatic safety. All of our aquatic activities are closely supervised by our highly skilled, certified lifeguards.



Canoeing in our tandem and voyageur canoes year round is an exciting way to explore Fish Lake. All swimming and boating activities are supervised by our expertly trained and licensed lifeguards.

wet willy waterslide

Wet Willie Waterslide

Campers love taking the plunge down our 100-foot waterslide during the summer months. All swimming and boating activities are supervised by our expertly trained and licensed lifeguards.

pontoon boat Cruise

Pontoon Boat Cruise

Campers enjoy views of camp, the lake and bald eagles on a guided, leisurely boat ride. As with all aquatic activities, campers always wear lifejackets and are under the close supervision of our instructors and lifeguards.



As with all activities in and around the water, campers always wear lifejackets and are under the close supervision of our instructors and lifeguards.

climbing tower

Climbing Tower

Attached to our Zip Line Tower is the Climbing Tower. Campers navigate their way up the footholds to reach their goal, whatever . Fellow members of the group team belay for the climber and encourage them to push through the burn and ring the bell.

teams course

Teams Course

Many lessons on teamwork are learned at our teams courses. Participants are given a task and work their way through achieving it with the help of a counselor. After each experience, the group debriefs struggles, successes and major takeaways.


Zip Line Tower

Standing 55 feet tall with an interior stairwell that many shaky knees have scaled and conquered, our Zip Line Tower empowers campers to overcome their fears. Our well-trained high ropes staff guides participants every step–or leap–of the way.

arts and crafts

Arts and Crafts

Campers at Camp Ohiyesa spend their time making boondoggles, glittery masks, friendship bracelets, and more while at the Arts and Crafts House.



Played inside a waist-high octagon arena, Gaga ball is a faster-paced, safer version of dodgeball. Using only swatting motions, campers try to avoid being bumped by a ball as it bounces off the inside walls of the arena.



A skill that has been practiced at Camp Ohiyesa since 1918, archery teaches campers about struggle, determination and success.

horseback riding

Horseback Rides

Horseback rides along Ohiyesa’s picturesque trails are a great way to learn about independence and friendship, both with humans and animals! Ohiyesa is home to 12 horses in the summer, and campers are carefully paired with a four-legged friend for supervised horseback rides.



Campers learn sportsmanship and skills through a wide range of sports at camp, including soccer, softball, volleyball and basketball. While we focus on teamwork and respect, we keep games fresh by adding a camp twist!

Saddle Club

Saddle Club requires a strong dedication to horses and a willingness to learn new things every day. In return, Saddle Club will give you endless fun and adventure with our four-legged friends. Saddle Club Day Campers will first learn how to move safely around horses, lead horses from their stalls, mount and dismount properly: this initial orientation allows us to ride in the arena starting on the very first day of camp! Throughout the week Saddle Club members will learn to control their horses in a walk and a trot. Reversing direction, going around barrels and doing figure eights will all be a piece of cake by the end of the week. Various games on horseback will be part of the curriculum, both in the riding ring and out on the trails of our 300 acre property.

Junior Saddle Club (ages 8-10)

Junior Saddle Club is available during Sessions 1, 6, 7, and 9.

Saddle Club (ages 10-14)

Saddle Club is available during every Day Camp Session.

Specialty Camps

For campers in grades 3 and up, Specialty Camps give kids a chance to focus on specific areas of interest, going more in-depth on topics. Specialty Camps are different from traditional camp, as traditional day camp is intended to provide a broad range of experiences for kids.

Master Chef:

Put on your chef hats and develop your culinary skills as we make and enjoy different dishes each day. Learn the basics of food and kitchen safety and end the week with a Top Chef Challenge – work with your team to create a tasty dish only using the set of ingredients presented to you.

Available during Day Camp Sessions 3 and 8.


Explore the world of robotics! An introduction to the mechanical world, work with other campers to build a Lego robot creation that you’ll even program to move. Your counselor will guide you through the robotics software to make your robot recognize colors, pick up small items and drive.

Available during Day Camp Sessions 1 and 11.


Campers learn and use investigative techniques to solve a camp mystery. Fingerprinting and footprint plasters are a couple of the techniques are past detectives have used to get the bad guy.

Available during Day Camp Session 7.

Ultimate Survivor:

Start the week learning and practicing the basics of survival skills, such as shelter building, fire building, orienteering, finding food and more. Then, use your knowledge to work as a team to complete survival challenges and make your way back to civilization.

Available during Day Camp Sessions 2 and 5.

Mad Scientist:

Hands-on experiments throughout the week will put camper’s curious minds to the test. How many eggs will support the weight of a person? How do I make a world record paper airplane? Nothing is out of the question during Mad Scientist week.

Available during Day Camp Sessions 6 and 10.


Campers will design and build a collaborative project throughout the week under the watchful eye of trained staff. A challenge will be posed and teams will come up with a unique solution, while learning how to safely use basic tools and different types of building materials.

Available during Day Camp Session 9.

Leaders In Training (LIT)

LIT, or Leaders-In-Training, is a two week program designed for 14 and 15 year-old campers that are ready to take on more responsibility. Throughout the two weeks, LIT’s learn about their own self and others, work on team-building, learn about how to work with younger campers, travel with and act as role models to younger campers, debrief experiences with the LIT Director, and design and execute their own service project.

Day Camp Leaders in Training6/25/18–7/6/18register

We believe that every child can succeed, participate, and make friends. Inclusion is good for everyone – kids with and without disabilities, families, staff, and our community! Our Inclusion Camp welcomes campers ages 6-16 with many kinds of physical and developmental disorders, and counselors and support staff are specially trained to create an environment where all kids are supported and can enjoy summer camp.

For more information, read our FAQ, contact us online or call 248-887-4533.Download the Inclusion Camp Flyer
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