Exciting Experiences Await

When it comes to building confidence and making friends, there is no better place for campers to discover themselves than Camp Ohiyesa. Our expertly trained staff safely guides campers as they explore an array of activities, from zip lining to horseback riding to conquering the Alpine Tower. At Ohiyesa, we encourage campers to try new experiences that build character and change lives for good. Throughout the journey, we’re here every step of the way.

enjoying goats at the petting farm

Petting Farm

Campers can learn about animals at our petting farm, which includes alpacas, chickens, goats, rabbits and our pony, Jack.

arts and crafts

Arts and Crafts

Campers at Camp Ohiyesa spend their time making boondoggles, glittery masks, friendship bracelets, and more while at the Arts and Crafts House.

the waterfront

Waterfront Activities

The YMCA has a long tradition of aquatic safety. All of our aquatic activities are closely supervised by our highly skilled, certified lifeguards.

wet willy waterslide

Wet Willie Waterslide

Campers love taking the plunge down our 100-foot waterslide during the summer months. All swimming and boating activities are supervised by our expertly trained and licensed lifeguards.


Zip Line Tower

Standing 55 feet tall with an interior stairwell that many shaky knees have scaled and conquered, our Zip Line Tower empowers campers to overcome their fears. Our well-trained high ropes staff guides participants every step–or leap–of the way.



Canoeing in our tandem and voyageur canoes year round is an exciting way to explore Fish Lake. All swimming and boating activities are supervised by our expertly trained and licensed lifeguards.



A skill that has been practiced at Camp Ohiyesa since 1918, archery teaches campers about struggle, determination and success.

horseback riding

Horseback Rides

Horseback rides along Ohiyesa’s picturesque trails are a great way to learn about independence and friendship, both with humans and animals! Ohiyesa is home to 12 horses in the summer, and campers are carefully paired with a four-legged friend for supervised horseback rides.

alpine tower

Alpine Tower

The newest member of Ohiyesa’s high ropes family is the Alpine Tower, a choose-your-own-adventure climbing experience. While scaling the massive structure, climbers can elect the challenges they want to tackle, all the while building confidence and endurance.

council ring

Council Ring

One of the most idyllic places at camp, the Council Ring is filled with memories of laughter and sticky s’mores of past summers. Many songs, skits and speeches have been performed at this lakeside campfire amphitheater.

climbing tower

Climbing Tower

Attached to our Zip Line Tower is the Climbing Tower. Campers navigate their way up the footholds to reach their goal. Fellow members of the group team belay for the climber and encourage them to push through the burn and ring the bell.

giant swing

Giant Swing

At the Giant Swing, participants elect how high they would like to go and then yell “brace yourself” before letting go of the release mechanism and swinging through the air. This is a great place to get photos of wacky facial reactions. Like all of our “up in the air” activities, the swing is facilitated by our trained High Ropes Staff.

the bog

The Bog

Campers can learn about all things nature while on a guided tour of our Bog, the 30-acre natural wonder full of bug-eating plants, 25 foot deep peat moss and secluded wildlife.

teams course

Teams Course

Many lessons on teamwork are learned at our teams courses. Participants are given a task and work their way through achieving it with the help of a counselor. After each experience, the group debriefs struggles, successes and major takeaways.



Played inside a waist-high octagon arena, Gaga ball is a faster-paced, safer version of dodgeball. Using only swatting motions, campers try to avoid being bumped by a ball as it bounces off the inside walls of the arena.

pioneer village

Pioneer Village

Come check out the 300 year-old oak tree while you make your candle out of hot wax and cook your bread on a stick. And if you visit as a summer camper, you may get to make your own ice cream as well.