A teen leadership program preparing young people for the 21st Century, I Can Achieve is a place where teens LIVE, LEARN, WORK, SERVE and PLAY. I Can teens experience success and Achieve.

Our Career and College Prep program for youth in grades 9-12, I Can Achieve provides a variety of youth development programs that help put kids on a path to success.

I Can connects young people to career opportunities, providing a positive vision for the future along with strong educational support. But most of all, our I Can Achieve program helps students build relationships with peers and mentors who strive for success in everything they do.

Funding provided by the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation.

I Live

It’s all about life skills: dating, decision making, and mentoring. Students will work with mentors and participate in a researched based social development program that helps young adults manage those turbulent hormones and confusing teen years. There is a special emphasis on dating and developing, refusal skills related to drug use and illegal activity and healthy relationships with, friends, family and caring adults.

I Learn

It’s all about higher education. Students will attend monthly college tours to Michigan colleges, universities and trade schools. College tours are usually the third Saturday of each month. Parents are welcome to attend. In addition, tutorial services are offered during the week before other I Can sessions. A special component of Y Learn is just for seniors: Senioritis. As we expand academic programs such as Robotics, Academic Games and a Young Writer’s Institute will be incorporated into the program to help improve language arts, math and science skills.


For high school seniors only! This session helps 12th graders stay focused on their academics while managing all the stress, pressures, and activities that permeate their final year of high school. Special sessions are also hosted for their parents. Core components of this session include insuring students are on track to graduate and execute a career plan inclusive of fulfilling all the necessary requirements to pursue post-secondary education and training. We help them identify and apply for colleges, scholarships and various trade schools.

I Work

It’s all about career choices. Students meet working professionals, tour local businesses and learn about emerging and high demand careers. We strive to show young people what’s possible for their lives. In addition, once a month students participate in artistic workshops or RAA Random Acts of Art.

Random Acts of Art

Creativity and problem solving are essential to becoming a great leader. The Arts help develop these vital skills. Students will experiment in graphic arts, video production, dance, ceramic arts, music and so much more. They will use the arts to express themselves and learn about viable arts careers.

I Play

It’s all about fun, fitness and health. Students will participate in an array of physical fitness activities conducted by fitness professionals: wall climbing, aerobics, water basketball, bowling and more. They will also learn how to select nutritious meals. Your body is just as important as your mind. We want our young people to maintain active lifestyles to optimize their health. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity cause an array of illnesses that cause individuals to miss, school, work and training. Helping participants maintain their health contributes to productive communities.

I Serve

It’s all about community service and teen leadership. Teens identify, develop and execute community service projects. They earn valuable credits towards high school graduation and also learn to make a difference in our world. They spearhead community service projects and make sure our programs meet their needs.

I Can Achieve! truly focuses on the whole child. It embraces their spirit, mind and body throughout the school year. It is the core YMCA Achiever Program. YMCAs have been operating Minority Achiever’s programs for over 35 years.