Perhaps nothing is better than gymnastics for helping kids to develop balance and coordination, plus the confidence that's won as a child takes on new challenges.

Preschool Gymnastics (Ages 3-7)

Students are introduced to equipment, proper form and safety, and basic gymnastics skills including forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and basic skills on equipment.

Youth Gymnastics (Ages 6 and up)

Young gymnasts advance their skills and fine tune their technique, whether just for fun or in preparation for advanced competition. Some levels may have prerequisite skill requirements.

Level 1 – Girls Beginner I

Level 1 Continuing – Girls Beginner II

Level 2 – Girls Intermediate

Level 3 – Girls Advanced

Boys Combined

Gymnastics Team (Ages 6 and up)

The YMCA recreational gymnastics program is modeled after USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program. It is designed to provide non-competitive, achievement oriented progression of basic skills.


Level 4

Level 5

Level 6 and up (Prep. Optional)

Boys Team

Private Gymnastics Lessons

Gymnastics instruction is provided by our Gymnastics Coordinator or Gymnastics Coaches.

Drop-in Gymnastics (Open Gym)

Come by the gym to have a little fun or to improve your skills. Make new friends or bring some of your own.