What is ACTIVE?

What is ACTIVE Network?

ACTIVE Network is a member registration system that the Y uses to manage multiple facilities and hundreds of programs centrally. With ACTIVE, you can enjoy the added convenience of doing business with the Y from any device, with enhanced security features and easy registration options.

Why is ACTIVE beneficial to me?

With ACTIVE Network®, you can register for activities at the Y online, allowing you to quickly and easily sign up for Y programs, view availability for member benefit classes, update payment information and more. This easy-to-use system is here to better serve you.

Account Setup

How do I create my account?

If you are a member with an email address on file, you already have an account through ACTIVE. Go to apm.activecommunities.com/ymcadetroit and click the sign in button. On the login page, click “forget your password?” and type in the email address that you gave to communicate with the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit when you signed up for your membership. An email will be sent to you with your password.

If you are a member without an email address on file, or you do not know your email address that you use to communicate with the Y, then get started by creating a new account (apm.activecommunities.com/ymcadetroit/Create_Account).

If you are not a member, you can still sign up for an account to see all of the offerings at our branches! To become a member, though, you’ll have to visit a branch. Find our locations here.

I forgot my password. Now what?

When you are prompted to sign in, check the Forgot your Password box and click Continue. You will be requested to provide the email address you used to create your account. To protect your information, after providing your email address, you will be requested to verify your identity by providing your first and last name as well as your date of birth. Upon submission, an email will be sent to you containing a temporary password. Upon signing in, you will be prompted to change your password.

If after completing this procedure you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our office during regular business hours and a member of our staff will assist you.

*Please DO NOT create another Customer Account.

Do I have to have a membership create an online profile or to see your offerings?

You don’t have to be a member to create a profile online. But if you are a member and want to take advantage of the benefits of managing your account and registering for programs online, we will need to have your email address on file.

Will I receive coupons, program vouchers or promotions? Can I redeem them online?

ACTIVE Network gives the YMCA and its branches the ability to engage with our members on a more frequent basis, which makes it easier to offer our valued members promotions and coupons. Yes, depending on the voucher or promotion.

What devices is my ACTIVE account compatible with?

ACTIVE will work with any device that has access to the internet.

Is there an app for ACTIVE?

Yes, it can be accessed on both Apple and Android devices.

Security and Payment Information

Will I receive unwanted emails?

No. By providing your email address, you will receive important communications from the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit and its branches, mainly regarding your transactions and activities for which you’ve signed up. From time to time, offers and promotions from the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit will be sent to your email. You can unsubscribe if you do not wish to receive promotional emails from the Y.

Will my information be shared with third parties?

Information provided to the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit through ACTIVE will only be used for transactions related to business of the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit. We never share, sell or distribute your personal information to outside parties.

Is my payment information secure?

All financial and personal information provided through the ACTIVE Network system to the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit is encrypted and secure.

Can I update my own banking information online? Can I update my personal information online?

You can conveniently update your banking information and your personal information in a safe and secure manner through your ACTIVE account.

How to update your banking information

  1. Once you’ve logged in to ACTIVE, click “My eWallet” to see and save your information.
  2. Click “Add New”.
  3. Enter your information, click “Submit”, then select “My Account”.
  4. From the menu under the “Payment Details” header, select “Update my Auto Payment Types”.
  5. Click “edit” on the payment plan you would like to change banking details for.
  6. Select the new banking information and click submit. Your banking information is now updated and will take place on your next payment.banking-faq-5

Can I make payments online?

You can make payments toward any of your outstanding balances through your ACTIVE account.

Can I obtain my payment history and tax statements for programs online?

Yes, you can obtain your payment and tax history through your ACTIVE account.

Can I view my transaction history and print out my past receipts?

You can view your transaction history and print your receipts once your Customer Account with login credentials has been established.

To access this information, please click on the My Account link (located at the top right-hand corner of your screen). To view prior transactions, you may click on the Get a List of Prior Transactions link.

To view past receipts, you may click on the Get a List of Prior Payments link (click on the receipt number to view and print each individual receipt).

Can I register through ACTIVE and pay later?

Payment in full is required for most YMCA activities, whether registering online or at the front desk. If your chosen activity allows a deposit with payment plan, that can be done online.

What changes can I expect?

How does this change my current membership?

Your current membership will continue without interruption.

How does this impact my bank draft?

Your bank statements may no longer reflect a deduction from the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit; instead, depending on your financial institution, you may see transactions with the YMCA posted as ACTIVE Network, YMCA-ACT, or ACT. The upgrade to ACTIVE Network® will not affect the actual amount or timing of your payment.

Will this impact my rates?

No, the switch to ACTIVE has no impact on membership rates.

What can I/can’t I do with ACTIVE?

Can I sign up for a membership online? Can I terminate my existing membership online?

No. In order to sign up for a membership at the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit and any of its branches, you must do so in your local branch. You will have the ability to take a tour, meet the staff and see what the Y is all about! Visit our locations page to find your nearest branch. Once you are signed up for a YMCA membership through ACTIVE, you can view and change your account information directly from your computer, tablet or smart phone device.

To make changes to your existing YMCA membership, terminating your account, please visit your branch.

Can I register for or cancel classes through ACTIVE? Can I get refunds for classes?

While you can register for classes through ACTIVE, you cannot cancel or receive refunds for classes through ACTIVE. If you have any questions about this, please visit or call your branch.

Can I add family members online?


You may add family members in the three following locations:

  1. You may add a family member while submitting your head of household account information, by clicking on the Submit and Add Family Member link.
  2. You may add a family member under My Account, this is done by clicking the link Change Information About Family Members.
  3. You may also add family member during the enrollment process. This is done by clicking on the link Add Family Member which is located beside the Participant box.

Can I renew my annual membership online?

Yes, you can renew your annual membership online. At this time, you cannot make changes to your membership type online; that must be done at your branch.

Can I reserve space rentals online? Including pool reservations, space for birthday parties, courts, and more?

Currently, you can reserve a tennis court at the Livonia Family YMCA online. Eventually, we will move toward facility reservations online. For now, with facility reservations, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

Can I sign up to volunteer online?

Yes you can! Visit our website (ymcadetroit.org) and click on the volunteer button, and you’ll be able to select your nearest branch to see volunteer opportunities. Alternatively, through your ACTIVE account, you can look up an activity called “volunteer,” select your branch, and someone will be in touch with you regarding your availability.

Can I get register for swim team and set up my payment plan online?

Yes, ACTIVE allows you to register for your swim team and set up payment plans through your online account.

Can I register for a locker online?

We are hoping to offer a locker renting service through ACTIVE at a later date. For now, lockers must be obtained at your local branch.

Have a question about ACTIVE® and don’t see an answer? Please contact us here.